The Issue of Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is IMPORTANT

I seriously cannot even stress this enough. Your mental health is so important and is just as important as your physical health. You would go to the doctor if you experience symptoms of illness but, are you also going to a therapist or psychiatrist when you experience a change in your mental health? You should know what your normal thoughts and behaviors are in varying situations so that when you realize yourself deviating from the norm significantly you can determine when you should seek help. Being shy can be someone’s normal personality trait but being so anxious about being around people that you slowly begin to withdraw yourself and avoid social situations at all costs is typically not a sign of healthy mental status. Be in tune with your body AND your mind.

Don’t Be Embarraced to Seek Help

There is such a negative connotation about people going to therapy or needing psychiatric health and there really shouldn’t be. Some people need a professional outside perspective on their situation or they may even need medication to help balance their emotions or neurotransmitter production/lack of production. There is no reason for someone to be ashamed of going to therapy or a Psychiatrist because they are actively trying to improve their mental health. When someone avoids seeking help because they are concerned about what other’s might think of them this can lead to more problems by prolonging the symptoms and repressing whatever troubling feelings or other symptoms they may have.

Encourage your friends to seek help if you notice a sudden change in their mood or personality. Usually the people close to you are going to be the ones who will notice a change.

Mental Disorders Are REAL

I that think because of the negative connotations of mental health and mental disorders people view them as a rarity and belittle their existence. When people who do not understand the severe affects mental disorders can have on a person they may not be able to sympathize with the person. Anxiety and depression disorders are probably one of the most common mental disorders being diagnosed today. These disorders can really disrupt someone’s life and everyday functioning.

If you are not affected by mental disorders, you should still be aware of them and sympathize with those who are affected. Saying things like “I am so OCD about ___” or “I just have social anxiety when I ___”, although may seem like innocent statements can express an ignorance of someone’s mental suffering. So, BE AWARE

4 thoughts on “The Issue of Mental Health

  1. Your blog post is dead on. Mental health effects so many people but it really isn’t talked about that much because of it’s negative stigma. Fortunately it seems like some celebrities are working to bring it to the forefront. Have you read some of Demi Lovato’s interviews about struggling with mental illness?

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    1. I have actually read one of her interviews. I am glad to see people who are more in the spotlight feeling more comfortable now to talk about their own personal struggles with mental illness.


  2. I wish I could like your post a thousand time. This is absolutely true and I’m desperate that so many people don’t see how much mental health is important. When you break your arm nobody asks you to carry weight but if you’re depressed or suffer any other mental disorder, people seem to ignore it and sometime even deny your trouble… It’s great to spread awareness about this 🙂


    1. This is my exact thinking of this topic! Psychological and mental disorders are often just pushed to the side and not really sympathized with at all. Sometimes, people don’t get the treatment and help they need because of this! I am very passionate about spreading awareness and I am glad you loved the post ❤

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