Books to Read On A Rainy Day

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”- Stephen King

On dreary, rainy days I love to grab a blanket and one of my favorite books and just nest myself in. There’s just something about reading while it’s pouring rain outside that just feels so right.

I mentioned before that I love to read and I have been trying to squeeze in time to read more in between endless school work and my job. BUT for those of you who are still actively reading or looking for another great book to get your hands on, I put together a short list of some of my favorites.

So sit back, relax, and read on!

The Good Marriage Stephen King

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Since Stephen King was also the quote featured on today’s post I thought it would be fitting to include one of his titles. The Good Marriage is actually one of his short stories but, it is still an amazingly written book (obviously). I really love the writing style King has and how he so effortlessly lays out the plot.

The story is about a married couple (duh), who seem to really have their lives put together and have a great relationship. The wife, Darcy, thinks her husband is an amazing man and a great husband. That is until one day while her husband is away on a business trip and she accidentally stumbles upon what appears to be a secret hidey-hole. What she finds inside could tie him to a string of murders that have been all over the news committed by a serial killer known as Beady. Her whole world is turned upside down as she questions everything she knew about her husband and their relationship!

This short story was published in his book Full Dark – No Stars which features more of his short stories. I definitely recommend checking this book out, especially if your into reading thriller type books or have read any of Stephen King’s other works!

Identical Ellen Hopkins

Identical, twins, Ellen Hopkins, novels, great books
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While we are on the topic of thrillers, Identical is another one of my favorites and is written by one of my all time favorite authors – Ellen Hopkins. The way she writes her book is pretty unique in that she uses a poem style writing and plays around with the actual shape of the words on each page. This book in particular is one of her best ones, in my opinion. The plot twists are unbelievable, a real page-turner!

The book is written from the perspective of identical twin sisters, Raeanne and Kaeleigh. Their family is not what most would call healthy. Due to a horrific car accident in the past, their family has been torn apart. Their mother seems unable to express any sort of loving emotions and is never really home. Because of this lack of love, their father tries to find love in other unconventional (and inappropriate) ways through his daughter, Kaeleigh.

Kaeleigh struggles to comprehend and deal with the abuse from her father while still trying to maintain a good relationship with him. She becomes depressed and starts finding other ways to express her pain. Raeleigh, on the other hand, wishes her father would love her more and struggles to gain his love and affection. She acts out, trying to fill this void with drugs and sex. Both girls are struggling at home, at school and in their own personal relationships. They spiral further into bad habits and addictions, trying to find themselves. They are identical, maybe in more ways than it seems.

The Giver Lois Lowry

The Giver, Lois Lowry, classic books, great reads,
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This book has been popping up in my life forever, it seems. Some of you may have read this during school reading groups in elementary or middle school. Maybe you only watched the movie that came out a couple years ago that was based on it (trust me, the book was waayy better). Whether you’ve read it before or not, this book is always a great read!

The Giver is set in an alternate society that was developed in order to make things easier for humans and avoid conflicts within societies. They are assigned a life partner, apply for children (only 2 per family) and are even given an assigned job upon reaching age 12. Their whole lives are planned out for them. They do not even experience negative emotions or understand the feelings of pain, hunger, or even death. Everything is numbed down.

Not only are the lives planned out and simple, so is the environment in which they all live. There are no colors but, since they don’t know what “color” is they do not understand that something is missing. There is basically no weather, so they will never be too hot or too cold. Everything is simple, strategic and planned out. These emotions and experiences did not quite disappear, however. There is one man in the entire society, known as the Receiver, that is in charge of remembering this part of the history of the human race. His purpose is to help the leaders make decisions using the knowledge of the past.

The main character, Jonah, is chosen to replace the current Receiver. He begins to experience the past and feels all the pain and emotions that were taken away from him. He experiences a sort of “enlightenment” as he begins to see the world as it really is and how it used to be. He struggles with what to do next with all of this knowledge because he wants to the people to understand what is really going on!

Saint Anything Sarah Dessen

Saint Anything, Sarah Dessen, love story, young love, young adult book
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I have probably read every single one of Sarah Dessen’s books so I had to give a shout out to one of her more recent releases, Saint Anything. A lot of her books incorporate strong themes of family and self discovery and I think this book focus on that even more.

The story follows a girl, Sydney, who is desperately trying to find a place for herself in the world, at school and even in her own family. After causing an accident while drunk driving and sentenced to jail, her brother – Peyton, becomes the center of her parent’s attention. They are worried about how this will affect his future and trying to find any way they can to help him through this process. Meanwhile, Sydney is more worried about the victim of the accident. In a way, she feels guilty for her brother even when she had nothing to do with it.

In all the craziness that is going on around her she meets the Chatham family who run a local pizza parlor. They are a warm, boisterous family who accept her as one of their own. The siblings in the family all help run the family business as well as work together to help take care of their mother who has multiple sclerosis.

One of these siblings is Mac who is everything she needs. He is protective, understanding and gentle around her and they just seem to work perfectly together. This is a story about finding love and a home when you feel as if the whole world is crumbing around you.

Ghost Boy Martin Pistorius

ghost boy, Martin Pistorius, misdiagnosis, inspirational
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This is not normally the genre I go for when choosing books to read but, as I was shopping for new books a while back I happened to see this one sitting on the shelf and it’s cover really drew me in. I read the summary and decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed! His story is so heart-wrenching and inspiring. It is definitely worth checking out!

This is an autobiography about Martin’s life. When he was a young child he became very ill and doctor’s couldn’t figure out what was causing it or how to fix it. His functionality slowly declined until he could no longer do anything for himself. He couldn’t speak or walk and he basically had no control of his own body movement. What people didn’t know was that Martin’s mind was still very aware of the world around him.

He struggled with being able to see the pain and worry in his parent’s eyes but was helpless – unable to comfort them. He desperately wanted to let someone know he was still there, a prisoner inside his own body!

One day, a nurse finally notices! She said that she could see it in his eyes that he understood what she was saying to him, he just had no way to respond. She helped push for him to get training and help using certain programs that could essentially give him a voice. He worked very hard in finding a program that would actually work for him as well as trying to train the muscles in his hand so he could have better control of them.

What he could do with these programs at first, was type. He joined chat rooms were he talked with people all over the world. One of those people also turns out to be the love of his life!

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this short list of some of my favorite books! I hope you choose to check them out or have already read some of them!


comment below one of your favorite books and let me know if you’ve read any of the ones on my list!

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4 thoughts on “Books to Read On A Rainy Day

  1. All these books sounds amazing !! I will definitely check some of them out, especially the first one !
    One of my favourite author is Haruki Murakami, do you know him ? Also his books are the kind of books that I’d enjoy reading on rainy days because they have such a strange vibe 🙂

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