Hello! My name is Kelsey Seay and I am the author and creator of Cap’n Kelso’s guide to life. I wanted to create a place where I could just write freely and have a sort of creative outlet, if you will. The name “Kelso” was actually a nickname one of my best childhood friends gave me when we were in middle school so, it just kind of stuck. I never liked it too much so I started adding “Cap’n” to it to make it sound a bit cooler. This blog will be a lot of random posts about whatever I feel like I want to talk about that day so, hopefully you all enjoy my ramblings!

Currently, I am a college student studying Biology and Psychology. My end goal is to become a Physician Assistant in the field if Psychiatry. I am very interested in learning about how the human mind works and the processes that actually are behind our behavior and thoughts. I am very passionate about the field of psychiatry and bringing to light a lot of mental disorders that people may not even be aware exist. Very interesting stuff!

I am 21 years old and I do currently live in Maryland, although I am most recently from Hawaii. I have moved around a lot growing up (I’m from a military family) which is cool because I’ve had a lot of different experiences from living in different places. I kind of miss Hawaii, more so during winter time. The cold and I do NOT have a great relationship. Winter is my mortal enemy.

I really hope you enjoy this blog and maybe learn something or at least get some entertainment out of reading my posts. Thank-you for taking time out of your busy life to read through this! Fairwinds

-Kelsey Seay a.k.a. Cap’n Kelso

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