Three Types of Days


There are Three Types of Days –

One of my professors once told me: As we go through life we will experience three different types of days.

Some days will be amazing and we will feel like we are on top of the world, capable of taking on anything. These are the good days.

Other days will be average, run of the mill kind of days. Nothing too exciting but also nothing to really complain about either.

Then we will have days that are horrible. The days we lay in bed wondering, searching for a good enough reason to get up and face the world. These days are what will define us and is ultimately what will bring individuals together.

How you decide to deal with these bad days will define how strong you are. If you are able to overcome and push forward you will gain a sense of accomplishment which will ultimately make you stronger and more equipt to handle the next bad day. There will always be bad days, but remember to keep moving forward because there will also be good days.