The Journey Begins

And so, the journey does begin. I decided to share my thoughts with the world and if anyone cares to read the thoughts of an anxiety-riddled, Rockstar-feuled college student they are more than welcome to join me on this adventure!

I guess I should start with an introduction. A little about me:  I am 21 years old. I am, as mentioned above, a college student. I am currently a senior, on a five year track to graduate with two majors because I hate myself. I am majoring in Biology and Psychology, if you care to know. Graduation will not be that exiting for me because afterwards I plan on going to graduate school for Physican Assistant studies. I find this to be a sort of a “out of the frying pan, into the fire” sort of situation. I am very interested in psychiatry and studying mental disorders which I guess makes me a little crazy, but aren’t we all? I also like photography and other forms of art. I do like to do art things on my own, but mainly I like to look at other people’s art and be jealous of their talent from a distance. There are some insanely talented people out there!

Anyway, I thought a blog thing would be a sort of interesting project for me to work on in my free time. We shall see how this all goes but, I’m along for the ride whether anyone reads this stuff or not.